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Meet up available at Admiralty MRT and most items comes with free postage :)

Promotions updated (right side of site)

Remember, PRICE BEAT is always available if possible :)

CR-2 batteries preorder (2-4 wks) at $9.50 per pair, MAILED.

Remember to click ‘older entries’ at the bottom!

Jessica (jazzika@hotmail.com)


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CHEAPEST PRICE GUARANTEED, I searched around for Singapore’s online pet shops for prices and made sure that mine is cheaper than all. If there’s a cheaper one for the exact item and color, I will price beat it by 5%.

Comes in 6 sizes but I will only sell XS-L and 4 different colors.

Preorder closes June 21. First meet up for item will start on July 2. (more info way below)


I am personally using it and found it to be the most durable dog toy I have ever gotten so I have decided to hold a preorder for it.

Ways to use it:

1) For chewing (Especially during teething period)

2) Toss it at your dog (It bounces unpredictably on solid ground thus it’s pretty funny to see your try to dog chase it)

3) Stuff treats/peanut butter in it to let your dog play with it and try to get the treats out (Decreases boredom and stimulates their mind)

4) Attach a rope through it and play tugging with your dog


Dimensions (Height and width)

XS – 5.5cm by 3.5cm (Common for Chihuahua sized dogs)

S – 7.6cm by 4.6cm (Common for Maltese, mini Poodle, Yorkshire terrier, mini Schauzer)

M – 8.9cm by 5.6cm (Common for Beagle, Westie)

L – 10cm by 7cm (Common for Dalmation, Chow Chow, Husky)


Pricing (buy 2 and get $1 off total, buy 4 and get $1 off + free normal mail)

XS – $10.50 (red) or $9.50 (pink/blue <- IT’S RANDOM)

S – $14.50 (red) or (black) or (pink/blue <- IT’S RANDOM)

M – $18.50 (red) or (black) or (pink/blue <- IT’S RANDOM)

L – $20.50 (black) or $21.50 (red) or (pink/blue <- IT’S RANDOM)

Scroll all the way to the bottom for picture of Kong with different colors.



Payment to POSB SAV 209-62145-2

No COD because I will be bringing it from US and I do not want to lug around extra baggage if a customer backs out


Normal mail for XS/S = $2 (additional $1 per toy)

Normal mail for M/L = $3 (additional $1.50 per toy)

Registered mail additional = $2.50

Meet up

I live close to Admiralty MRT station so I can meet there daily at around 12pm.

July 2 Woodlands MRT station 1pm

July 5/6 Some MRT station in town, most likely at 1pm

Order Form (Please make payment before sending in order form)

Email to: Jazzika@hotmail.com


HP no: Please state if you have iMessage/Whatsapp

Address: If you choose shipping or is eligible for free shipping

Product size and quantity:

1st choice of color: (in case it is out of stock)

2nd choice of color:

iBanking nick: (those without iBanking just let me know which date you transferred so I can check)

Preferred place/day of meet up:

Terms & Conditions

NO backing out once payment made,

NO payment will be refunded unless you paid extra

Item might NOT come with packaging so as to save weight as I am personally bringing it from US, if you want to give it as a present, do leave a note in order form



Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Advanced Seal Professional Effects [PREORDER CLOSED]

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CHEAPEST IN SINGAPORE, GUARANTEED! If not just refer me to the ACTIVE and CURRENT page and i’ll beat the price to my own discretion.

Teeth Whitening Usage :

Simply peel it off the packaging and paste it on your teeth! Like this! (Put for 30minutes, up to twice a day!)

Cost : (20 sachets = 40 strips = 1 whole treatment)

$63 (20 sachets)

$120 (40 sachets)

$210 (80 sachets, best value! $55/20 sachets!)

Meet ups/Postage:

Admiralty MRT station daily

Town area and other stations days/timing to be confirmed

Registered mail : $5 (up to 160 sachets)

More relevant info:

THIS IS A PREORDER. Item is brought straight from US by me thus items will NOT be in boxes to reduce weigh!

Starts NOW and ENDS May 16. Item will be passed to you from May 23 onwards. If opted for postage, item will be posted on May 23.

Payment to: POSB SAVINGS 209-62145-2

Once payment MADE, item will be ORDERED asap thus no cancellation of order.

Further qns to jazzika@hotmail.com, subject Crest 3D, WHATSAPP 97870686 (SMS made available from May 23 onwards)

Q&A :

Have you used this before?

No, but a close personal friend has used it and obvious effects can be seen thus I am bringing it in with full confidence.

How long will the effect last?

Up to a year, recommended to repeat this process twice a year to maintain.

My gum feels like it is burning!

Discomfort of gum might be experienced for the first few days upon usage of product. Try to avoid touching your gums when putting it on your teeth.

What happens if I put it for over 30 minutes?

For people with sensitive gums, your gum might burn but if not, it’s fine.

I have other questions!

Email me at jazzika@hotmail.com, subject Crest 3D, or refer to the official website for more information.

Accessories Instock Update

April 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

$28 (Mini 7s/Mini 25)

$15 (camera buyers $2 off) 3 skyblue (says hamburger instead of instax)

$6 (pure white, camera buyers $2 off)

$33 (No instocks, all colors avail for preorder)

$19 mailed

$5 mailed (102 pieces)

$4 (Camera buyers $1 off)

$4.50 mailed (contains 6 sheets)

Pandora Instax Mini Film

April 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

NEW! refer to price list for pricing.


March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

BACK IN STOCK! $15 per box of 10 shots. Expires late 2013

*NEW* Instax 210 Wide (HELLO KITTY)

January 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

Refer to Price List for pricing

*NEW* Hello Kitty Instax WIDE Film!

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Refer to Price List for pricing

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  • I wanna buy….


    ; ; ; PROMOTIONS!
    ALL items here includes FREE SHIPPING!!

    Preorder only ;; - max 1 wk wait only!!!!!!!!!

    PLAIN films - $85 for pack of 10! 100 shots!
    10% OFF! 10% OFF! 10% OFF! 10% OFF!

    [[Selected cartoon films]]
    10 packs at $117
    Mixture of 10 films
    Plain Wide, Princess, Mickey, Pooh, Kitty + $0.50 each, Rainbow + $1.00 each, Marvel/Rilakkuma + $1.50 each

    Not in conjunction with other promos.
    While stocks lasts.
    Preorder will take max 1 wk to arrive if all item in stock
    Includes doorstep delivery
    Deco Stickers 2 @ $9 mailed (U.P. $10)

    Camera buyers additional $2 off ($13)

    Terms & C
    Includes normal mail
    Preorder takes 1-3 wks. Registered mail additional $3.

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